is a simple software you install that simply trades for you, comparing to a trader that actually makes all trading decisions by himself, a binary option robot has lots of advantages, the robot software is based on a complex algorithm which calculates each and every trigger, risk and chances, the algorithm is based on past data and it is using technical analysis only, the enormous amount of data calculations provide the robot software his advantage, especially if you are a beginner trader, the robot is already optimized to take the most of the market.

binary options robot com

If you still want to trade by yourself, it is recommended to have a robot to compare with your performances at the same time.

For most of the robots available out there you can set the risk you want to take, the frequencies of tradings, the initial deposit and the assets you want to trade on. there are some with several strategies you can choose from.

The most important decision you have to take is which binary option robot software fits you best and also which one you need to avoid – in other words, which of the binary option robot software will actually loose your money.

Because there are lots of automatic binary options trading systems available, to make your decision easier for you, we created a review for some of the existing popular robots: review

Binary-options-robot is an auto trading software which is very easy to install, the software itself is free no chanrge, all binaryoptionrobotSignals are being triggered and managed according to the expiration time and assets you define ahead.

The software has a very intuitive and easy dashboard to operate, we tested the software with initial deposit of $200, the flexibility is amazing while you choose your asset, risk level, trade amount, max daily trades and even daily stop loss.

We chose our asset – AUDUSD with low frequency and medium risk level, our first trade was successful and couple of days we got mixed results with positive!! Revenues which was 79%, not bad at all.

It really depends about your patient, we would recommend to keep the risk level below medium.

The great thing is that the robot software for is so easy to implement and use, so you don’t need any prior knowledge

In any case for the cause of this review we also contact thBOReir
customer service, they answer very quickly with thorough replies for every question we had

There is no option to open a test account but they have a nice VIP feature that we recommend on where you can choose between four different strategies.


What makes their robot so popular is due to a majority of success stories with different kind of traders who just installed the software and start to make money, all you need to do is to choose the broker you want to trade with and activate the robot on your account.4stars